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We offer a wide range of legal services to help you achieve your personal and business objectives.  

Our Auckland based lawyers are experts in the areas of business & commercial, property, estates & trusts, disputes & civil litigation, and debt recovery & insolvency. 

Whether you need assistance with something simple, like starting a business, residential conveyancing, or setting up a family trust, or require something more complex, such as representation in a commercial dispute or civil litigation, we’ve got your back.  

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We provide legal services for both commercial and residential property in Auckland. From conveyancing to commercial property deals, our team have the expertise to help you! 

Property Practice Areas:

Our team can assist with all aspects of business law from  the formation and operation of your small-to-medium sized company to preparing a shareholders’ agreement, attending to corporate governance matters, assisting with transactions involving shares or assets, preparing terms of trade, or assisting with borrowing, lending, or security arrangements. We can provide advice and documentation to protect your company and help it grow!

Business & Commercial Practice Areas:

There is never a better time than the present to put measures in place to protect and manage your most valuable assets, both now and in the future. We can help you achieve this by establishing a trust, preparing a will, or putting in place powers of attorney relating to your property and healthcare. If you want to put something in place to protect your assets, or update your existing arrangements, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Trust & Estate Practice Areas:

If you have tried everything else but you are still in dispute with someone, litigation might be the only option left. Unfortunately, it is usually also the most expensive. Our firm’s focus on efficiency, competitive hourly rates, and pragmatic solutions means the cost of litigation can be kept to a minimum. If you are interested in pursuing or defending litigation, contact us to talk through your options.

Dispute & Litigation Practice Areas:

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