A law firm for modern New Zealanders

Who are we?

Evolution Lawyers is an Auckland based law firm specialising in insolvency, commercial, company, and property law. We provide both litigation and transactional services to New Zealanders and small to medium sized New Zealand businesses.

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We are a mobile law firm with no central office. If you are in Auckland, we can meet at a location and time convenient to you. If not, we can arrange something else.

Fair Fees

We strive to be efficient and ensure that our fees are fair, reasonable and competitive. We are happy to provide estimates and, whenever possible, agree a set fee.


We are 100% cloud based. We can work from any location, at any time. We can also provide you with remote access to your documents.


We use NetDocuments, the leader in cloud-based document management and recommended by the American Bar Association.


Environmentally friendly and efficient, our paperless offices save costs and the planet.

Credit Card

You can pay our invoices or deposit money into our trust account by credit or debit card. We take Visa & Mastercard.


CataLex, a legal software company founded by the firm’s directors, has designed software specifically to benefit Evolution Lawyers and its clients.

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