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We specialise in all areas of disputes & litigation.

Disputes & Litigation

We act for companies and individuals in all areas of dispute resolution and civil litigation. We work closely with our clients to achieve pragmatic and tailored outcomes. Our team has extensive experience in disputes, corporate litigation, and many other areas of dispute resolution, including mediation. If court proceedings are necessary to resolve your civil litigation, our experienced litigation lawyers can assist.

If you require an advocate to represent you or your company’s interests, contact our disputes and litigation team today.

Disputes & Litigation

We specialise in the below litigation areas.


Civil litigation refers to matters outside the sphere of criminal proceedings. Civil litigation can be between private individuals, companies, or other legal entities. Typically, there is a monetary claim involved or court order being sought.

Civil litigation can be a stressful and expensive process, especially if court proceedings are involved. With strategic advice and good judgement, you can resolve your civil matter without court intervention.

There are several ways in which a civil matter can be handled.  Every civil matter is different.  So, determining an appropriate first step is key in any successful litigation strategy.

Regardless of the avenue being pursued in your civil litigation case, our team of specialised lawyers can advise on the most suitable course of action to achieve your desired outcome.


Many civil litigation cases involve disputes over property or real estate deals.

If you are facing an issue with a property deal of any kind, and it seems that litigation is the only option to resolve the issue, our services can assist you.

We will review the matter to determine the best course of action to secure your interests.

In circumstances where your case is escalated, our services will ensure you are directly involved and informed every step of the way.


If you are facing a business dispute, sometimes the only way to resolve it is through litigation.

If you are a private individual experiencing a dispute with a commercial entity, or you are the business facing a dispute against an individual, we can help you.

Our team of specialist litigators will help resolve your commercial matter as quickly as possible, while providing a positive and cost-effective approach.

Read more on our business & commercial disputes & litigation page.


If you are a construction company, property developer, or purchaser of a new build, our team has the expertise to guide you through the complex regulatory environment of building and construction disputes.  Regardless of whether you are avoiding a construction dispute or dealing with one, our team can help resolve it efficiently.

Avoiding a dispute is usually the best approach to take in construction matters.

However, if a dispute is already in motion, we can help you resolve it. Our team has substantial experience with building and construction matters and know the best strategies to resolve them effectively.


Breach of contract disputes arise when one or more parties to a contract fails to uphold their promises or obligations.

No matter which side of the contractual dispute you face, we have the necessary expertise to resolve the issue in the most beneficial way.

Our team will establish if there are grounds for the accusation and will advise you accordingly.

Having been involved in many contract disputes, we have the knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcomes.


If you wish to avoid potential disputes when entering into shareholder agreements, or are already experiencing one, we can help.

Our firm specialises in shareholder disputes and as such we can advise you on how to avoid a dispute from occurring, or what to do if you are already involved in one.

Read more on our shareholder disputespage.


Estate and trust disputes are a common occurrence in New Zealand, due to constantly changing trust laws and evolving family relationships.

If you find yourself in an estate or trust dispute, we can help.

Our estate and trust specialists can advise on all aspects of estates and trusts – from assisting in asset protection, to challenging a trust or estate you think is unfair, or defending an estate or trust from an external challenge.

For more information, visit our estate and trust litigation page.


Separating from your spouse or partner can be one of the most challenging and stressful times of your life.  It is common for disputes can arise about the division of the parties’ relationship property. If relationship property disputes are not promptly resolved they can lead to unnecessary and expensive court proceedings.

If you are separating from your spouse or partner, it is prudent to have a lawyer who can provide clear and pragmatic advice to protect your property interests.

Whether you are separating under a pre-existing contracting-out agreement or need help negotiating and documenting the division of relationship property, our team of experienced lawyers can help.

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Penn Hakaraia
Penn Hakaraia
We were put onto this law firm by our broker when purchasing our first home. We were dealing with Samuel Chand and it was such a stressful process, just with all the last minute things we needed to do that we had no idea about etc. but thanks to Sam and the team they got everything we needed done even at the very last hour. We are so thankful and appreciate this so much. Thank you again team!
Jo Field-Crafar
Jo Field-Crafar
Samual Chand was a really great help to us. Answered all our questions quickly and efficiently. All instructions were clear and easy to follow. Samual was very helpful, friendly and wonderful to deal with. Very happy with the service. Highly recommend them to anyone
Cameron Inskeep
Cameron Inskeep
The team at Evolution Lawyers are fantastic. They've helped us to research and buy property and I confidently refer my clients on to them.
Christine Sadural
Christine Sadural
Evolution lawyers was able to get on our case as we had a live deal with the property we were wanting to purchase (first home). It was George who was assigned to us and we're very happy. He was thorough with his work and is easily reachable when we have questions. Thank you George! 🙂
Pastor Ri
Pastor Ri
I have dealt with Evolution Lawyers previously and while everything was completed it was a slower experience. I dealt with them again now with a new Solicitor Samuel Chand. Sam was always helpful, always easy to get hold of by email, phone or text and my actions were completed on time.
julia Woodhouse
julia Woodhouse
I am very impressed with this law firm. My first contact has been my Will. Tamina is delightful and very astute. I have never met her, but our first and detailed phone conversation was enough to make me feel comfortable and in safe hands. Tamina quickly understood what I needed and promptly sent me the extra clauses needed. The Will is now completed. She is empathetic, polite and clearly loves her work. I will be using Evolution Lawyers for any future work I need done. Thank you Tamina.
Te Kawehau Hoskins
Te Kawehau Hoskins
Timely, kind, calm and professional service.
Stevan Tedianto
Stevan Tedianto
In our property buying experience, George from Evolution Lawyers has been absolutely fantastic, always picking up the phone and explaining some confusing points we encountered. The firm will definitely be our first choice when it comes to conveyancing. I would absolutely recommend them!
I had a case where I was looking around for a family member who was not mobile. Another lawyer put it in the too hard basket, but Evolution Law heard me out. I can not say enough about the great experience I had with Evolution Law. Lindy worked on my case, I felt heard, and she went back to make sure she could help. I was so happy they could take on our case. She kept me informed the whole way through and never made me feel like she was too busy even though I know they are busy. She pulled out all the stops. LINDY You are a star, you helped when I thought it was not possible! Thank you for everything and your wonderful team for helping my brother and I out. Your help has actually helped more than just the two of us. I am truly grateful for your help. Thank you.
Mildred Veldman
Mildred Veldman

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